Heavy Equipment-2015-2Land Clearing

Lot clearing, Real estate thining, right of way clearing, utility line clearing, food plots and shooting lane clearing, horse, atv and nature trail development, land management and pasture renovation, survey and fence line clearing, brush cutting and mowing

Mulching vs. Bulldozing

Bulldozing: Bulky, heavy and not usable on small properties or close spaces. Cuts deeply through topsoil and can leave ruts and holes, destroys grass and roots. Tears stumps,rocks and roots from the ground creating sink holes that have to be leveled or filled. Unsightly brushpiles are left behind and must be hauled or burned.

Mulching: No damage to large growth keeper trees, very little disturbance to the grasses and topsoil. Cuts off brush and trees at ground level leaving root systems to compost naturally. Mulches all removed vegetation, leaving no brush piles to burn or to be hauled away. Very low ground pressure equipment, creates a park like effect while leaving only a highly desirable, nutrient rich mulch behind.


Land Clearing Costs

​The costs of land clearing varies greatly. Each land clearing project is assessed on an individual basis. The factors that influence brush removal bids are dependent on the following:

  1. Size of area to be cleared
  2. Type of land clearing required
  3. Tree species, size and stand density
  4. Accessibility
  5. Terrain:
    1. soil type
    2. topography
  6. Location